Facebook and Live Music

If, like me, you are always doing LIVE video’s on Facebook TAKE CARE. Facebook are using a software which nows listens to your video and if you have any music in the background or you are filming a band Facebook will mute your live feed.

This happened to me. I was filming the start, LIVE, of the Cancer Research Race For Life on my iPhone 8 Max in 4k with a Rode mic attached all on a camera mount fixed to a tripod. Easy simple set up not including the cost of the phone under £100. It gets great results.

My normal set up. NOTE this is not from the Race For Life event…..

All started well count down to the start 10,9,8 etc then as soon as the gun went off they started playing ‘This Is Me’ from the Greatest Showman. Perfect song for the start. Everyone running or walking past my camera waving, smiling and of course “hello mum” Then up pops the sign “this video has been muted”. In fact all you can hear is the count down and for some reason the picture quality from the mute section is awful. Why? well is a simple case of copyright protection.

Since all the bad media regarding Facebook they are now toughing up on anything to do with music and copyright. Especially if its a clear good quality recording like mine are. So what do you do if you are entitled to record? Well, all is not lost. Facebook has a dispute procedure. Which it clears point you too. When you click the dispute button you have several options why you feel you are entitled to record the music. There is also Explanation box where in 200 words you can give more of an explanation. Hit the submit and then wait and wait and, as of writing this post 24 hours after hitting submit button, keep waiting.

Deadline is 30th June. I will keep you posted.

So what can you do to stop this from happening. There are several options the easy one is make sure there is no music in the background or talk over it. Not ideal but works. The other is to create a video that looks live and publish straight away. There are so many great FREE apps out there which can help. I use Splice. an easy to follow app that lets you add video and images. there is also a great collection of FREE music which you can use to add to your finished video. Once you are ready it then puts them altogether in a professional looking video in a matter of seconds.

Look for Splice – Video Editor & Maker logo in your App Store

The other option takes more time but the end results can be very rewarding and that is to use a professional video editing software. There are several options I would recommend . First if you are looking to work on a budget and not sure how to edit movies then go for HitFilm Express Video editing, VFX, and all the power you need to make something cool. It will help you take your first step towards becoming a pro filmmaker . HitFilm Express. is perfect for beginners, film students, and YouTubers. my photo editing I have an account with Adobe and have access to what I feel is is

Once you get the hang of HitFilm Express and what more control then for me the only option is Adobe PremierePro This is top end editing software. Allowing you to edit the colour, sound levels, add special effects and so much more. BUT at $19.97 a month (as of 24/06/2019) you need to make sure you really need it.

So you have your film, you have your editing software what about the music? Again there are plenty of Royalty Free Music websites out there and Facebook will question if you have the right to use the music. The best thing is YOU DO, if its royalty free,. Most music sites ask that you add some text stating Music by :……. I use Bensound.com free music, as long as you put Music by Bensound.com. There are a few you need to pay for before you download but the majority is free.

Video is important to have on your social media especially Facebook. More videos are viewed on Facebook than YouTube. It is great to help your page reach more people and if your videos are longer than 3 minutes there is a small chance of a revenue from your films. I will cover this in another post later.

Thank you for reading this post if you use any software not mentioned above which will help others please comment below. Again any advice you may have on this subject please let us know below.

UPDATE: Facebook approved the recording and unmuted the sound. They did this on the 30th June the deadline day

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