My Phone is My Office

Like most people I couldn’t be without my smartphone. It is my office. It allows me wherever I am to run my business.

My business is Social Media Management a role which is 24/7. With today’s current smartphones I am able to contact people, Do my Accounts, Create and edit photos and videos and post to my social media platforms.
The key to be able to do this is good Apps. So what are my top Apps and why?

Facebook Pages Manager

My number one app is Facebook Pages Manager. If you ask anyone what app do they use for their facebook business page they will tell you the standard blue Facebook app. WRONG the problem with this is to get to your business page you have to change to your business page before you start posting. With the Facebook Pages Manager you are automatically signed in to your business page and at a simple tap change to any other business pages you are admin on. The beauty of this you will always post as your business. Unlike the standard blue Facebook app where it is possible to comment or post as yourself and not your business.


Next it’s the brilliant Snapseed. All smartphones have their own photo editing software but Snapseed takes it to another level. It has 28 simple tools and 11 set looks to transform you photos way beyond what your standard editing programme can do. Just one of the tools Tune allows you to change the basic look of your image, you can change the exposure of your shot as well as the standard crop tool and white balance. But then you can create Grunge, Drama, Grainy Film, Glamour Glow and Noir looks in seconds. You also have the option of saving the image as a new image or save over your original shot. There is so much stuff on this app you can create several different looks for the same image and each one will be so different.


Of course the cameras on smartphones are getting better all the time but they are not as good as a DSLR. But with the ProCam app you can now manually adjust your camera. It allows you to set ISO, Shutter Speed, White balance and it even lets you adjust the exposure vale (EV). If you are one of these people who sets the camera to Auto and click away then ProCam is not for you. The quality of the images are better BUT remember it’s still a phone so if you are looking at slow shutter speeds you will need a tripod and a camera holder. But all in all I won’t be without it.


So that is about it for my social media apps. Of course I use the standard Instagram and twitter apps but I have just started using IFTTT. Now this app Im just getting use to but I am starting to like how it works. What it does is it links your social media accounts and lets them interact better then if you just linked your accounts normally. It uses Applets which each have different tasks. For example my favorite is Instagram to Twitter applet which tweets your Instagrams as native photos on Twitter. Also just starting to use an applet which allows you to post Facebook Live to to your Twitter feed as you do it. As I said just started using this app and liking what I see.


So what Apps do i use not for social media which make a difference? Well apart from my banking app, accounts app and email app not much else. With these 4 apps and the ones above that pretty much covers my day to day role. But there is one which save me having hundreds of businesses cards laying around as well as making it easier to keep my contacts up to date and that is Haystack. With this app every time you are given a businesses card all you have to do is take a photo with the app and Haystack does the rest. it reads the info on the card and adds it to the app. You then have the option when you are in the app of Calling, Emailing or Visit their website.

So these are my favorite apps that make my life a lot easier and allows me to do my job. BUT there is one thing I forgot to mention they are all FREE

Let us know what App you couldn’t be without in the Comments section below and Thank You for reading.

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