What strange and wonderful things are we all buying in Lockdown?

There have been so many great insightful posts during the lockdown and I wanted to make my contribution……via my Amazon account.

In the past 2 months, I have purchased the following…..

1.       Coal Shovel £2.80 – I am not sure how I was persuaded of the need for this…. A stick should be all you need with a firepit and far more fun.

2.       50 Food containers £10.99 – slightly smaller at 400ml which enables better utilisation of freezer space. Only 5 have been used so far! What is interesting is that we have be having family meals twice a day….so no need for them. But I remain hopeful of the long-term benefits.

3.       100 Disposable gloves £14.99 (rip-off!) – Obvious choice really…a peace of mind purchase.

4.       External mic for the laptop £15.99 – One gets very worried when hosting on Zoom with 20 others, and someone says ‘Simon you are very muffled’…. I threw dollars at the problem…

5.       Fusible iron-on interfacing £1.99 – This apparently is key component for making/sewing a bucket hat! (daughter project)

6.       Printer ink £13.98 (not to mention the depleted stocks!) – It is so easy for teachers to send out 30-page old exam papers as isolation schoolwork.

7.       New Peter Crouch Book £6.47 (birthday present son) highly recommend if you like football and have a sense of humour

8.       6 blow up beach-balls £13.98 – If we are out of lockdown before the end of summer, I am determined to run my seminar in the park. The beach balls will be an essential ingredient. If you are as excited as I am let me know, and I will send you an invitation.

9.       X-Box controller thumb-grips £4.49 – This surely is THE lockdown essential purchase. Over-use can cause smoothening of the control sticks…apparently

If you think this is all a bit frivolous, you are probably right. But sometimes it is good to stop and think about what customers want or need in different times and as circumstances change, rather than just focus on what you have to sell. Thinking about strategy and the future is just one of the ways we help businesses.

Simon Palmer is a Business Mentor, working with Small and Medium sized businesses. Contact for a complementary discussion around your business. Simon@UKBusinessMentoring.co.uk

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